Eventide in Araby

Eventide in Araby
Eventide in Araby
Granville English
Thekla Hollingsworth
Chappell-Harms, Inc.
A song of the [western] man yearning for his [eastern] love, with the confusion of “temple bells” from India sounding in an Arabian mosque.

Always when twilight falls in memory I go
Far away to Araby, where perfumed breezes blow;
There I love to linger ‘mid roses sweet with dew,
Where one golden evening I first met you.

Eventide in Araby,
The temple bells were ringing sweet and clear,
To the music of a lute,
A plaintive love song we could hear.
There ‘neath dusky Arab skies
I saw love dawn in your eyes.
At eventide in Araby,
‘Twas then that Heaven smiled on me.

Somewhere in Araby when evening shadows fall,
When the stars begin to shine, when sleepy night-birds call,
Do you sometimes wander down pathways we once knew?
Do you know, in fancy, I’m there with you?


Eventide in Araby