Harry Donnelly
William Wilander
Gilbert & Friedland Inc.
Hindus in Afghanistan, not Muslims.

Neither of the lovers has a name.

In the land of Afghanistan
There’s a Hindu maid and a man
She swore by the stars up above her
That he was the one to love her,
But there came another one day,
Stole his Hindu maiden away,
Hindu man is lonely and blue,
In his dreams he’s calling to her.

In Afghanistan,
There’s a Caravan
By the fair oasis waiting for you,
and for you only;
Cross the desert sand we will find a temple;
There will be a bridal day for you my idol,
In Afghanistan.

All the wealth of Afghanistan
Cannot ease the heart of this man,
Tho’ the stars with splendor are shining,
Hindu’s heart can’t stop it’s [sic] pining,
Though he’s trying hard to forget,
He has hopes and dreams of her yet,
Thinking that she’ll come back some day,
To his idol he keeps praying.