Anselm Goetzl
Arthur A. Penn
M. Witmark & Sons

Alexandria, Alexandria, City of my dreams,
I’m returning after yearning For an age, it seems.
Alexandria, Where there dwelleth One who bids my heart rejoice,
She who is my one and only choice!
She, my first love,
How I thirst, love,
For the music of thy voice!

When sunset flings its rays of gold,
Sweet tales are told And arms enfold,
With passion tender, I surrender
To the splendor of love’s hold!
While Oriental sun sinks slow
We two will go And whisper low
Of the glory of the story
That lovers tell when lanterns glow
In Alexandria!

Alexandria, Alexandria, Home of sweet romance!
Home of myst’ry, home of hist’ry, Where the bright eyes dance!
Alexandria, Thy fair daughters Vie in beauty with the sun,
Fairer maids and matrons there are none!
But the fairest and the rarest
Of them all my heart has won!

Alexandria, Alexandria, In the days to come,
When the ages turn the pages, And our lips are dumb;
I shall come back to revisit All the scenes I knew of yore,
I shall know I’ve trod thy streets before!
I shall meet you, I shall greet you,
Here I’ll live and love once more!