Alfred Solman
John B. Lowitz
Jos. W. Stern & Co.
A Madcap Princess
The girl’s name is a city, but she lives in Sudan and entices a Turkish pasha.

The girl gets the best of the man, but, after all, he is a Turk (Cf. the Maid of Phillipopolis).

Down in Soudan, There lived a man,
A mighty Pasha, With lots of dash-a,
He loved a girl with jet-black curl,
She set his brain all in a whirl.
And this haughty, naughty Pasha
As he twirled his long mustache-a,
He gazed into her dreamy eyes,
And sang while she looked very wise.
And otherwise.

My Alexandria, I want your hand-i-a!
But be as dutiful, as you are beautiful.
We’ll rule the land-i-a To beat the band-i-a!
My little Alexandria!

She pledged her hand, He thought it grand,
That he had won her, This little stunner,
But she was smart, and played her part,
With clever art, right from the start.
Soon this handy, dandy masher
found he’d used up all his cash-a,
Then like a bird she flew away,
And left him flat to sing all day;
“Ain’t I a jay?”