Anita Owen
Anita Owen
The Jones Music Co., New York
Dedicated to Mme. Alla Nazimova

Kharma and Kismet are mixed up; cf. the Hindu maid in “Afghanistan.”

The wordplay on “Alla” and “Allah” stretches the concept of the divine stage idol.

When the day is dying,
And the winds are sighing,
All my thoughts go flying back to you.
On the desert dreary,
Nights are long and eerie,
Then you surely hear me call to you.

“Alla, my heart is lonely
I want you only
For no one else can cheer me.
Your eyes are e’er before me
Seem to implore me
To hasten back to thee.
Kharma can ne’er divide us,
Hope’s star will guide us thro’ paths Elysian,
Alla, I’ll pray to Allah to keep you safe for me.”

When the stars are shining,
My heart ceases pining,
Your soft arms entwining round me steal,
When your name I’ve spoken
My sweet dream is broken,
Only mem’ries token I can feel.