George Hamilton Green
George Hamilton Green
Sam Fox Pub. Co.
C. H. Trotter

I’ve read stories of countries far away,
Of countries where adventure happens ev’ry day;
I’ve had day-dreams of oriental skies,
Of oriental maiden with dreamy eyes;
Seems as though these dreams were of Arabia,
Land of lovers’ paradise.

Somewhere out in old Arabia
Where myst’ry haunts you with expectation,
Somewhere out in old Arabia
Where dream-girls are there with eyes of fascination;
Somewhere out in old Arabia
Where romance fills you with admiration,
Somewhere a true love in Arabia is calling you.

Something tells me that in a foreign land
A sweetheart is waiting for her lover’s hand;
Something haunts me, her smiling eyes I see,
It seems as though she’s waiting with love for me;
Seems as though she’s waiting in Arabia,
Far across the land and sea.