J. Frederick Hanley
Bernard Granville
Bernard Granville Publishing Co.
E. H. Pfeiffer

When the shadows creep o’er the desert land,
And the old Arabian moon,
Like a silver ball, ‘Mid the fleecy clouds,
Drives away the nights black gloom,
From a Camel’s back, Across the sands,
Where camp-fires brightly gleam,
Then the sights you’ll see are wild and free,
Where the Arab’s nightly dream of

Arabia, My land of love and mystery,
Arabia, My mystic land of History,
Arabia, My desert home of wild romances,
Bold bad men and daring dancers,
Pretty girls who are entrancers,
Hear them crooning, tempting luring strains of love,
While the sands reflect The silver stars above,
Let me live and die, ‘Neath your Oriental sky,
My desert home of sweet romance.

Not a soul’s asleep in the desert land,
‘Neath the old Arabian moon,
Just a merry whirl and a pretty girl,
To a plaintive Arab tune,
See those chieftains leap into the air,
Their dark eyes flashing fire,
Love fills the air most everywhere,
Each one has their hearts desire in