Harold S. Kay & Frederick V. Bowers
Wm. K. Wells
Frederick K. Bowers, Inc.

The cover has “Beautiful Sahara,” but the first page has “Sahara/ (Beautiful).”

The first page also states “Sung with great success by Ferederick V. Bowers/Respectfully dedicated to Louise Glaum” whose photo appears on the cover.

The cover omits FVB as one of the composers, but he appears on the first page.

From the motion picture “Sahara” starring Louise Glaum.

Sahara land of caravans and torrid sands,
I’ve learned to love you, to love you,
Sahara barren tho’ you be
You are a garden of love to me.

Sahara, my own Sahara,
I’ll always love you, Sahara beautiful,
For tho’ naught but sands enthrall you,
I’ll always call you Sahara beautiful
There’s where I sought content in vain
‘Twas there I found true love again,
To me you always will be
A loving memory Sahara beautiful.

Sahara’s ev’ry sandy dune now seems to croon
Of love undying, implying
Two hearts beat as one for e’er
For they found true love’s oasis there.