Thomas Hughes
C. P. McDonald
Vandersloot Music Pub. Co.
A Night in the Orient
Composed expressly for the Advertising Club of New York City for their Annual Ball and show, ‘A Night in the Orient.'”

In the land of Pharaoh lived a maid
Whom the natives called the queen of dance,
While the reeds and hautboys nightly played
Came an Arab sheik with his romance
Softly rose his voice upon the air,
As this chieftain wooed his lady fair.

Beshebara, Beshebara,
Fairest maid of Egypt-land,
Won’t you come and dance for me
Where the Nile flows toward the sea,
Where the palm sways and the breeze plays,
Beshebara, Beshebara,
Let me take you by the hand
To my tent out there,
Beshebara fair,
Where you’ll rule my Arab band.

When the crescent moon comes o’er the hill
In the shadow of the mosque I’ll be,
While the whole world sleeps and all is still
Then I know that you will come to me.
On my Arab steed away we’ll fly,
Moslem love like ours can never die.