Jimmie Monaco
Sidney Clare
Robey and Gould
Jerome H. Remick & Co.
One of many songs about Bombay, seen as an extension of “east of Suez”

The pattern is a familiar one: western man longs for his oriental lover. The east is seen as feminine, the west masculine, a recurrent theme of the colonial era.

Stars were gleaming, moonlight beaming
When I said goodbye in Bombay
Love that started now is parted
Left alone to sigh in Bombay
My heart is yearning for you in vain
My love is burning for you again

I regret each day I’ve been away
From old Bombay and you
I recall each night of joy and bliss
Of your sweet kiss so true
Oriental sentimental sweet love divine
Fascinating captivating lips that were mine Dear
Ev’ry night my dreams just seem to stray
To old Bombay and you.

Nights of sadness turn to gladness
When I think of you and Bombay
I’m so lonely for you only
And skies of blue in Bombay
Soon I’ll be pressing you to my heart
And I’m confessing we’ll never part