Harold Weeks
Arthur Freed
Melody Shop Publishing Co.
Cleopatra made a “mark” of Antony in “Cleopatra” sung by Al Jolson. Again, the European man being lured by the oriental woman.

The “sun-burned maiden” is probably a euphemism for a black woman.

The rhymes of “Sphinx,” “thinks” and “winks.”

There are “cocktails” of glee in Cairo cafes during Prohibition in the USA.

In that far land of Egypt there is a town you know,
They call it old Cairo, that’s the place I want to go.
It’s the land of proud Cleo who lived in victory,
There’s a Cleo there for me and her “Mark” I’d gladly be.

Cairo, your streets are gaily laden,
Splendor entrancing,
Cairo, you have the sun-burned maiden famed for her dancing.
I know all the charms of dear old Cairo,
If you’d know just ask the Sphinx what he thinks
As he winks at old Cairo.

In that land of all ages where happy hours are spun,
There’s nearly all the fun that you’ll find beneath the sun.
In its quaint old cafes life is one eternal spree,
It’s a cocktail made of glee and that’s good enough for me.