Will E. Dulmage
Richard W. Pascoe
Chas. E. Roat Music Co.
Written at the time of King Tut’s discovery, the Valley of the Kings gets a line.

The European male is enamored of an Egyptian beauty. There is no question that she waits for him.

He will take a caravan route to Cairo, traveling at night.

Lonesome for the Eastern skies
My heart is yearning for that old Egyptian shore,
Lonesome for a maiden’s eyes,
I know she waits for me each night so patiently.


Cairo Land, I’ll cross your moonlit sand,
Until I reach the valley of the Kings.
Cairo Land, my love will understand,
Her tears I’ll kiss away, When I come back to stay,
My Cairo Land, my heart you still command,
For Allah knows I long for my rose,
Some-day my Queen of the Nile
Will meet me there with a smile,
Away down in Cairo Land.

Dreaming when the sun sinks low,
Beside my caravan the desert wide I scan
Dreaming on my way I go
Until I see each light of Cairo through the night.