L. Burrell Aiken
L. Burrell Aiken
Buck & Lowney, St. Louis, Mo.
The woman’s name is more Italian than Arabic.

The “wedding bells” ring in the temple[!] where the lover will make an honest woman out of her with his wedding ring.

In my dreams I am drifting to Araby,
There is someone there I long to see
All the stars up above
Seem to know of my love
For this maiden who waits patiently, Oh

Carabella, Carabella, queen of old Araby,
Oh, Carabella, Carabella, I love but thee
There’s a caravan lands
O’er the hot desert sands
That will take me some day
To that land far away
And sure as silver
Moonbirds on the branch
Of the palm tree swing
I’ll soon return and bring a wedding ring,
To my Oriental desert dream
Oh sweet Carabella my queen.

I can hear the wedding bells ringing merrily
In a temple for me o’er the sea
Love will soon find a way
There I’ll wander to stay
With my sweet maid of old Araby, Oh