Paul Biese & F. Henri Klickmann
Harold G. Frost
McKinley Music Co.

Over the burning sand
Starlight is guiding my caravan;
Romance and mystery,
Oriental breezes sing this melody:

Wait for me in Allah’s land Where the lonely Temples stand,
Far across the burning sand, Desertana mine!
Back to where our love began I will bring my caravan,
Still my heart is truer than Desert stars that shine.
Desertana, wait for me Where the Nile flows dreamily,
While the shadows bring to thee Dreams of love divine;
Desert land will bloo with flow’rs, We’ll forget the longing hours,
Paradise will soon be ours, Desertana Mine!

Dream on, my Desert Rose,
Whisper your love to each breeze that blows;
Dream of a wedding day
In that fair Oasis where the palm trees sway.

Can’t you hear me call,
While the shadows fall?
You’re my all in all,
Desertana Mine!