Dmitri Tiomkin
Ned Washington
Nat ‘King’ Cole
Remick Music Corp., New York
The Adventures of Hajji Baba

Sung by Nat ‘King’ Cole in the 20th Centry-Fox release ‘The Adventures of Hajji Baba’ with John Derek and Elaine Stewart.

Hajji, Hajji, Hajji, Hajji,
Hajji Baba, Hajji Baba, (oh, oh)
Hajji Baba, Hajji Baba, Hajji Baba,
He was always in love.

Come to my tent, oh my beloved,
Bring me your lips warm as the sun,
Hear my lament, oh, my beloved,
Come to my arms, oh, wonderful one!
Enter my heart and stay there forever,
Lost in the spell of stars up above,
And we’ll be like the man Hajji Baba,
Always in love, always in love.

Give me your kiss, oh my beloved,
Hold me so close, hold me so tight,
Let us forget, oh, my beloved,
Ev’rything else, and live for tonight!
Deep in each soul carefully hidden,
There’s a desire to be indiscreet,
Hajji has said when love is forbidden,
Love is so sweet, love is so sweet.