Thomas Hughes
C. P. McDonald
Vandersloot Music Pub. Co.
One of the very few songs to mention the Allah, Ramadan and the Qur’an.

In v. 2, what are “shelluh tribemen?”

In typical fashion, the man is a nameless “sheik,” but the woman is named Fatima.

Where the night winds blew light
O’er the desert vast and bright
Came an Arab sheik to woo a maid;
As he went to her tent,
Prayers to Allah first he sent,
And then sang low while the tomtoms gently played:

Fateema dear, I am here,
Waiting for you to come join my caravan.
Oh, hear my plea, Queen you’ll be
In the harem of your loving Arab man:
See my camel’s here, the way is clear,
My heart is light;
Fateema, I’m bringing my love and singing
‘Neath the desert moon of Ramadan tonight.

O’er the sand to the land
Of the Calif, hand in hand,
We will ride and woo upon the way;
And I swear, maiden fair,
By the sacred Koran there,
You’ll rule my shelluh tribemen day by day: