Victor Herbert
Harry B. Smith
Helen Redmond
Edward Schuberth & Co.
Wizard of the Nile
From the operetta “The Wizard of the Nile.”

This copy was a musical supplement to the Sunday Examiner.

I seem to have known you my whole life long.
Yet only today I found you-
You were the soul in ev’ry song,
All beauty has gather’d around you.
You have been to the worship of distant days,
As a star in the dusk above you,
And I know when we met in the worlds high ways
At last that I should love you.

In dreamland, in dreamland,
I’ve looked into your eyes,
And felt this unknown love
To be a far-off Paradise.
In dreamland, my darling,
Your voice was low and sweet,
Ere years were past I knew at last
That you and I should meet.

For you I have waited thro all the years
That linger’d our lives to sever,
Waited for you in hopes and fears
But now you are mine, dear, forever.
Now the world is to me as a Summer day
And the skies are more fair above me,
All my life is a song to the words you say,
When you well me you love me.