Yerushala’im shel zahav
Naomi Shemer
Naomi Shemer/Norman Newell
Eddie Fisher
Naomi Shemer; Chappell & Co., Ltd.
George Martin
Norman Newell translated the original Hebrew lyrics.

The olive trees that stand in silence
Upon the hills of time,
To hear the voices of the city
As bells of evening chime.
The Shofar sounding from the temple
To call the world to prayer,
The shepherd pauses in the valley
And peace is ev’rywhere.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
Forever young, yet forever old,
My heart will sing your songs of glory, Jerusalem
Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
Oh, city with a heart of gold,
My heart will sing your songs of glory,

The water well for those who thirsted,
The ancient market square,
Your golden sun that lights the future
For all men ev’rywhere.
How many songs, How many stories,
The stony hills recall.
Around her heart my city carries
A lonely ancient wall.

And far away beyond the desert,
A thousand suns will glow.
We shall be going to the Jordan,
By way of Jericho.
My simple voice can not acclaim thee,
Too weak the words I choose,
Jerusalem, if I forget thee,
May my right hand its cunning lose.