Ethwell Hanson
Ethwell Hanson
The Riveria Co., Chicago, Illinois
W. William Boynton
Another example of the [western] man longing to return to his [eastern] love. She never speaks; all her emotions are implied in his fantasies.

The Hindu “karma” is associated with the Islamic “kismet” as “fate,” but here it becomes an Egyptian woman’s name, perhaps formed on the analogy with Spanish or Italian names.

Tom-toms gayly beating
While the dancers sway
Undulating maiden
Driving care away
Nights of golden splendor
Skies of opal hue
Just a dream of Egypt
Karma, dear and you

Oh I know you’re waiting there for me
And I know you’re lonely as can be
Sweet Karma, fairest of all
In dreams you just seem to call
Unto my heart which beats so true
And I want to be in Egyptland
Just to hear you say you understand
Your eyes will ever be guiding me
Tho’ darkest night may be hiding me,
Karma, sweet Karma,
I’m lonesome for you.

Karma, dream of Egypt
There’s a paradise
Just a gleam of heaven
In your dreamy eyes
While I know you’re waiting
For me patiently
Dream land’s caravan dear
Brings you back to me