Persian Flower-Dance
Rodolfo Guarda
G. deGrandcourt
Edward Schuberth & Co.

Temple bells are ringing down by Kish-ma-hani way,
Humming birds are trilling to that Kish-ma-hani sway,
Fragrant petals fill the air,
Floating veils are ev’rywhere,
Whirling, twirling,
In the flower-dance so fair.

At the silver crescent hour,
In a purple blossom bower,
Little Oriental dream-girl,
I will woo you in a dream-whirl
Hold your lily hand in mine,
Press your little lips divine,
In love’s ecstasy we’ll sway,
Down by Kish-ma-hani way.

Have you seen the little flower-dancing maidens there,
Flaming Persian roses fasten’d in their flowing hair,
In the garden of the hareem,
Flitting lightly as a moonbeam,
Swing, Swaying, In a flower-dancing dream.

Gliding through the scented flowers,
Mid the purple blossom bowers,
Neath the Oriental moon-pearl,
Life drifts by you in a dream-whirl,
Love’s exquisite melody,
Sings a tender rhapsody,
In an ecsasy you’ll sway,
Down by Kish-ma-hani way.