Benjamin Richmond
Siuol Enlik
R. Kabot
Benjamin Richmond also composed an intermezzo two-step with the same title.

Neath the Persian azure skies long ago
‘neath the Oriental moon, all aglow,
Lived a jolly little man you all know
For his wisdom lives until this day
Omar Khayyam is the man I mean
and the sonnets that he wrote were a dream
For even he had lost his Heart so free and gay
In a Persian garden he met his fate
she was standing by the old garden gate
She inspired all his poems that were so great
for he loved her with a love so divine
Now his poems won the heart and the hand
Of the sweetest Persian rose in the land
But she loved best the poem of his love in rhyme.

Omar Khayyam, Omar Khayyam
loves but you, loves you true,
as the blue skies, as the bright sunshine
say you’ll be mine
Omar Khayyam, Omar Khayyam,
calls you dear, wants you near
to hear you say I love you.