Oriental Musical Novelty
S. R. Henry & D.Onivas
Frank H. Warren
Jos. W. Stern & Co.
The Indian influence on the oriental songs is seen here: the bungalow in a jungle, which is an oasis for the camels at the palace gate, etc., leading up to the description of “pretty pink Pahjamah.” Instead of the woman being named for the country, she’s a piece of clothing! The song is dedicated to Nazimova, whose photo is on the cover.

In a sweetly perfumed spot,
where only desert moon-beams creep,
Pahjamah’s heart is waking, is waking from its sleep,
With the beat of the tom-tom-tom-tom-tom
across the burning sand so softly played,
She hears her lover’s tinkling, his tinkling serenade.

Come, come to my balmy bungalow,
Come with me, Pahjamah, to the jungle-oh,
Love’s oasis, a quiet resting place is,
my camels wait within the palace gate,
Out there, where desert breezes sigh for you,
A thousand slaves will gladly live and die for you,
Came, Pahjamah! my pretty, pink Pahjamah!
Arise, arise, the sun is in the skies!

In her dreams Pahjamah hurries
to her love at break of day,
Together they are riding, they’re riding far away,
In the cool of evening while the camels rest
within a welcome jungle glade,
She listens to his tinkling, his tinkling serenade.