Kendis & Brockman & Alfred Bryan
Kendis & Brockman & Alfred Bryan
Kendis-Brockman Music Co., New York
A popular Zionist song that still refers to the homeland as Palestine, but then “borrows” the musical phrase “Jerusalem” from “The Holy City,” a Christian song.

For years and years my tears were falling,
In dreams the world I seem’d to roam,
I hear the angels softly calling,
“Come back, come back to your home sweet home.”

In Palestine, In Palestine,
It seems like the olden time,
Beside the river Jordan fair,
I see them there,
Sweet Ruth and Joseph kneeling in pray’r,
In Palestine, in Palestine,
The world once again is mine.
The temple bells are ringing
I hear sweet voices singing,
Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
Come back to old Palestine.

I see the golden sun arising,
Above a city far away.
I see the shadows disappearing
And view the scenes of yesterday.

Palestine (pre-1948)