Willy White
Jack Glogau
Fred Fisher, Inc.
Rhyming “Persian” and “Virgin” is as bad as having Arabs in Persia (or Turkestan).

Say have you ever heard of Persian,
Sentimental little Persian lamb,
Oriental Vamp of Turkestan,
Say have you seen the rolling Caravan,
Rolling thru’ the burning desert sand,
On the way from old Samarakan;
They came only to see her dance and sway,
She had something about her, that made ev’ryone say:

Say Persianna Say, What makes you that way,
What shakes you that way,
Little Persian Virgin,
Say Persianna Say, Your ev’ry motion
Fills us all with devotion and a naughty notion,
Say Persianna Say, We can’t keep away,
You make us feel gay,
Persianna, Anna, You have visions so new,
That we must do the Persian with you.

There where the Mango tree would gently sway,
She gave me her love but for a day,
And I wish that it could last for aye,
Oh how the Arabs laugh’d with deviltry,
For they knew just what a Vamp was she,
Knew exactly what she’d do to me;
I do not want to tell a story, nay,
But I knew not if I truly loved or hated her, say: