Romo Falk, Fred Heltman & Edmund Fischer
Romo Falk, Fred Heltman & Edmund Fischer
Fred Heltman Co., Cleveland, Ohio
The story of an Egyptian woman left to pine for her [western?] lover.

The story goes that once upon a time,
A maiden dwelt in Egypt’s sunny clime.
A lover came to woo this maid;
She gave her love, though half afraid.
Then like a broken toy aside was lightly thrown,
A broken-hearted maiden left there all alone,
kept praying.

Someone waits here for you,
I know you’re lonesome, too,
Someone gave you all her love;
Someone thought you’d be true as stars above you,
Someone cannot forget,
Someone is waiting yet,
Someone ev’ry hour will pray that
Some time, some-how,
you’ll come back some day.

A thousand years had made this story old,
And yet today a stranger one is told,
The lover never claimed his bride;
She like a flower dropped and died.
Now when the moon is shining brightly in the sky,
Just as of old, the maiden’s spirit voice will cry,
so sweetly.