Frank Forestier
Frank Forestier; pub. by Forestier-Silva Co., Cambridge, Mass.
The use of "i-e" for "y" doesn't improve the rhyme scheme in this piece.

Have you heard that melodie,
Talk about that harmonie,
It's just the kind that's played in Arabie
It's the place you ought to be
In the land of Arabie,
You'd ought to be in Arabie. Come on

Babe and dance with me
That harem melodie
It's the one you'd ought to see
When Harem Minnie
shakes that shimmie. Oh! boy
You ought to hear that Harem melodie
that's played way down in Arabie.

Talk about this harmonie,
It's nothing like that melodie,
The mystic kind that's played in Arabie
You had really ought to see
Those babies shake that shimmie
So come with me to Arabie. Come on