P. E. Maharb
Jack Clifton
Frances Clifford Music Co., Chicago
A couple of neologisms appear here: the name 'Bashooer' to rhyme to 'woo her' and 'Egyptianese' to rhyme with 'knees.'

One misspelling also occurs: 'Clio' for 'Cleo.'

The glide was a popular dance form that appears in numerous song titles (The Gaby Glide, etc.).

Oriental Ollie, An Egyptian Dollie,
In a palace on the Nile,
She was most entrancing In eccentric dancing
When she wore her fav'rite quaint Egyptian smile.

Egyptian glide, Oh, do that glide,
First you shiver, Then you quiver side to side,
Egyptian glide, Oh, do that glide,
Yes, my honey, do that funny Cairo stride,
Do that little wiggle woggle way down to your knees;
Roll your eyes and ev'rything like a real Egyptianese, Oh!
Egyptian glide, Oh! do that glide,
The quaint Egyptian glide.

Came old Prince Bashooer, Started in to woo her,
'Neath the fair Egyptian moon.
Said my honey bunny, Since Clio's a mummy,
You're the first to dance that quaint Egyptian tune.