Stella Lee
Sheriden Music Corp.
This became Eartha Kitt's signature song. The original music is a Turkish folk tune and was adapted in French as "Uskudara" (copyright 1960 Editions Musicales Eddie Barclay, Paris).

USKA DARA is a town in Turkey far away.
It's not so big but what it does it does in a great big way.
There the women all wear veils because it is the style.
You can't see their faces but their graces make them smile.

A man once came to USKA DAR' a maiden fair to seek.
He spied one gaily tripping by, she was so young and chic.
He asked her to remove her veil her countenance to view,
Said she "Young man, get lost, I have twelve children home like you."

If you go down to USKA DAR' you've got to eat the food.
To take the trip and launch-eon [sic] skip, it certainly would be rude.
Their shish-kabob and halivah is worth its weight in gold.
It's crazy-gone, right off the farm, like hot dog on a roll.

USKA DARA, USKA DAR' I miss your Turkish ways.
I'm going back to USKA DAR' and live some happy days.
I'll find my love and settle down and we'll be man and wife.
In USKA DAR' we'll live and love a "harem scarem" life.