I Dream Of You
Walter Smith
Walter Smith
Sherman, Clay & Co., San Francisco

Far across the sea in Araby,
There's a romance of true love
With the sweetest maid in Araby,
And her guiding star above.
Each day and night dreams carry me
Back to the one I adore,
In that land of mystery I long to be there once more.

Dreams while the incense is burning,
Dreams of a love that's yearning;
Seems I hear her calling,
Gleams of the twilight falling;
Sighs fill my soul with sadness,
Eyes change my heart to gladness,
I must be returning,
While the incense is burning, I dream of you.

When the big pale moon is shining
Far out in the eastern skies;
Then is when my heart is pining
Oriental paradise.
Each dream brings back a memory,
Days of the sweet long ago,
Love grows stronger in my heart
And her love is mine I know.