Harry Warren
Sammy Cahn
Paramount Music Corporation
Rock-A-Bye Baby
From the Pramount Picture "Rock-A-Bye Baby" starring Jerry Lewis.

From her head-dress to her sandal, she's the one who sets the style.
No one else can hold a candle to the white virgin of the Nile.
Just start tinkling on your cymbal, you'll see something worth your while.
No, sir, no one's quite as nimble as the white virgin of the Nile.

She's got boy-friends by the passel, and they're lined up single file,
waiting for the chance to hassle with the white virgin of the Nile.
They say the desert sands were cold, they say the desert moon was ice,
then she came breathing fire and flame and changed the Arctic into paradise.

Neither Cleo or Bathsheba had her tactics to beguile,
You can bet your fe there would be no Suez without the white virgin of the Nile.
Oh, the sands burn to her glory and the sheiks still wear a smile,
and they're still warmed by the story of the white virgin of the Nile.
If you ever cross the desert, and see rocks piled pile on pile,
ev'ry pyramid was put there for the kid, for the great white virgin of the Nile.