Harry Tierney
Joseph McCarthy
Leo Feist, Inc.

Oh, the lights are low,
Hear a melody flow,
What is that it's saying?
Oh, someone wants you so,
With a love that will grow,
While the music's playing.
The time is here the atmosphere
Seems to murmur cuddle near.

Why don't you?
why are you lonely?
Why don't you?
I want you so.
Oh, let your eyes dream in mine,
With all their love light thrilling,
Sweetheart, I know you're willing,
Why don't you?
come close and hold me,
My arms are pleading now,
It seems a year waiting here,
Honey dear coast is clear,
I won't say won't you, but why don't you?

There in your tender arms,
In the spell of your charms,
Let us fly together,
Where ev'ry love thought calms,
In the shade of the palms,
We can dream forever.
I'll find the key and set you free,
Romance waits for you and me.