David Saxon
Diane Lampert & Peter Farrow
Twentieth Century Music Corporation

E-ni Me-ni, E-ni, Me-ni Geni, E-ni Me-ni Genie me,
E-ni Me-ni, E-ni Me-ni Geni, E-ni Me-ni Geni me.

I'm an Eni Meni Geni, Eni Meni Geni I,
On my girl to girlie carpet I whirl through the sky.
I whizz over mountains, I zoom o'er the sea
and over sand and sandy caravans I whee-ee-ee.
I don't mean to be a meanie, but meanies have a ball,
For the world is full of girls and girls and I mean to love 'em all.
My work is shirkin', workin', I'm the shirk of Araby,
Harem, scarem, crazy, lazy Geni me-ee-ee.
(spoken) Eni meni Mini Mo, Catch a Geni by the toe,
If he hollers let him go, (It might be me).

There is only one thing lower than the Eni Meni Geni I am
That's the Teni Weni screami Mimi mortal thing called man.
He walks he crawls, he tramps, he trudges through a life of gripes and grudges.
Lift that load, tote that tent, pay the piper, pay the rent.
Murder, mayhem, babies, bills, mumps and measles, fever chills,
Quiver, shiver, hear the bossy bosses yellin', Hurry, worry, hustle, bustle, buyin', sellin',
Dogs are barkin', wives are naggin', Days, months, years are draggin'.
Bending backs, middle sagging, roars and snores and sighs.
Hates, fears, schemes, lies, Man is licked before he tries
and in the end (spoken) He dies. He does.

I'm a happy Eni Meni Geni flyin' high for ever more,
When trouble comes aknockin' there's no river at my door.
I sit on my oasis and watch the world go by,
I'm gonna live forever and I'll never, never die.
For life is just a bubble, it will never burst,
For I'm happy, I'm a happy little Geni,
Happy little Teenie Weenie, Eni Meni, Eni Meni Geni I.
I zoom, I zock, I whizz, I whee,
I whizz, whee, zoom, zock, zoom, zock, whizz, whee.
(spoken) I'm just a happy little Geni.