Star of the Desert
Max S. Witt
Frank O. French
Shapiro Music Pub. Co.
Cover Artist
D. K.

Dark eyes had the Arab maid, Zuleika,
None so fair in all the land,
Nobles grand, came to seek her, Vainly,
For, tho' many guards surround her,
Yet a Bedouin brave had found her and won her heart.
"Star-maid," that was what her lover called her,
As they wandered hand in hand, o'er the sand in the moonlight,
Tender were the tales he told Zuleika
And her longing heart was filled
as it thrilled to his sweet song of love.

Dark eyes divine gaze into mine,
I adore thee, I implore thee!
Come to my heart, no more to part,
Star of the Desert, come!
Come where my campfire is burning,
by the streams all agleam,
Soon by its side we'll be learning,
all the joys of love's sweet dream!
Dark eyes divine, gaze into mine,
Love is sighing, time is flying,
Life is a dream, love is supreme,
Star of the desert, come!

"Take me," softly whispered sweet Zuleika,
"Take me to your heart for ever and never forsake me,"
Your way all thro' life dear shall be my way,
and your desert star will shine in your heart evermore!
Dark eyes divine, gaze into mine,
Star of the desert, my own true Zuleika I love you!