Loola From Stamboola
Ted Fiorito & Carl Fenton
Ted Fiorito & Carl Fenton
Shapiro, Bernstein & Co.
Cover Artist
The hula dance goes from Hawaii to Istanbul in time to shake up the Turkish state. Cover courtesy of Bagaduce Music Lending Library.

Loola was a Hula dancer down Hawaii way
And they say she played a mean guitar
Soon the ruler of Stamboola heard her one day
Sent a message to her from afar
Sweet Loola took a sudden notion
And so she sailed across the ocean
Loola landed in Stamboola, did her shaky dance
Now I hear she’s caused a big commotion

Loola’s in the cooler in Stamboola
Just because she did the Hula Hula
She danced her way into the town calaboose
They were afraid that she would raise the deuce Running loose
Loola does the Hula in the cooler
And I heard just the other day
Up in arms the Turks have risen
Trying to get into prison
Loola’s in Stamboola now to stay.

All Stamboola’s constabulas tried to cop her dance
But the ruler bid them let her be
Built a new jail just for Loola, hired Turkish bands
Made them play some Hula melody
His other babies tried to do it
They’d start but never could go through it
Loola was the only one and ev’ry single day
He would say to Loola “Kid go to it”

Loola’s in the cooler in Stamboola
Still she’s fifty-fifty with the ruler
He took one look at her and said “You for me”
He locked her up and threw away the key, Holy Gee!
Loola won’t go back to Honolula
There’s a scandal, the papers say
Since the Sultan sentenced Loola
He keeps hanging ‘round the cooler
Loola’s in Stamboola now to stay.