Percy Wenrich
Raymond W. Peck
Leo Feist, Inc., New York

All the Persian lore of the days of yore,
Glorify the rose and the story goes:
"Love’s a garden fair, girls the roses there,
Where they're guarded by the stars on high."
If the tale were true, I would find that you,
Darling would be there, fairest of the fair.
And my heart you'd fire with a young desire
For one burning kiss, my soul would cry

Burning kisses in a garden fair,
Springtime blisses, Roses ev'ry where
Dark-eyed beauty, Girl of mine thrilling divine,
Ever I long for my Burning kisses
yearning lips to share.

When my caravan on the desert span
Homeward turns its way then my heart is gay.
And the crescent moon. Tells me I will soon
Hold you in my loving arms once more.
When I do I know that your eyes will glow,
With the light of love, like twin stars above,
So what may befall, till the end of all
For your love the gods I will implore.