Al Hoffman
Sammy Lerner
George & Arthur Piantidosi, Inc. New York
Cover Artist

Dawn is here! Wake up caravan, the dawn is here
June is precious, let’s begone from here
Love is calling me.
Allah knows that I’ve had my share of cares and woes
Since I journeyed from my desert home,
Beautiful to see.
Slow Caravan, don’t be slow, caravan
Take me back to the one that I love.
Go, caravan, don’t be slow, caravan
Tho’ the sun blazes down from above.
Mile after mile, hurry on, hurry on, hurry on
Why are you delaying, while my heart is praying, “hurry on”
Slow caravan, don’t be slow. caravan
Take me back to the one that I love,
The one that I adore.

Lonely days! Oh, those melancholy lonely days
Soon I’ll think of them as only days
Never more to be.
Nights of bliss! They are waiting for me
Nights of bliss ‘mid the beauty of the sights I miss,
While I make this plea.