The Apple Core Song
Adaptation & English lyric by Jackie Barnett
Louis Prima, Keely Smith
Jaybar Music Co., New York
There is no indication where this song originated. The Arabic and French phrases and the mention of the Casbah might indicate Algeria or it could simply be a French composition. One must assume that “you are the apple on my apple core” makes better sense in the original. It is hard to think of another song of this genre that incorporates so many stereotypes and clichs:  the Sheik of Araby, “a thousand and one” Arabian Nights, a flying carpet, shish-kabob, Kismet, the Casbah, a desert mirage, etc. The song was recorded on Dot Records as a single, #16221, and on “The Frantic 40s,” DEPR 103 in 1961.

Cherie je t’aime, Cherie je t’adore

You are the apple on my apple core.

Cherie, je t’aime, Cherie, je t’adore

You are the dream that I’ve been waiting for.

Ya Mustapha, ya Mustapha,

Ana-ba-ha bak ya-a Mustapha.

That means “I love you, Mustapha.”

Ya Mustapha, ya Mustapha.

Ya Mustapha ya, Ya Mustapha ya.



(girl) A thousand nights plus one I could adore you,

Without you I would sit around and sob.

I’ll even send my flying carpet for you,

‘Cause you’re the flame that lights my Shish-ka-bob.


(boy) You are my Kismet, ever since I met you,

Come to the Casbah, join my entourage.

I’d cross the burning desert just to get you,

And I would die if you were a mirage.


(boy) I’ll have beads and bangles up and down your arms,

I have all the angles, you have all the charms.

(girl) You’re no Sheik of Araby,

But fold your tent and come with me.

(boy) You could make Salome spin,

‘Cause she left off where you begin.