Ernesto Lecuona
Walter G. Samuels
Kornheiser Schuster, Inc. from Southern Music Pub. Co., London
American adaptation from Spanish

A rumba by the composer of "Siboney."

Spanish lyric also printed in the sheet music.

Never thought there was such a man
Who could take love "catch as catch can"
But there is and so Ev'ry girl should know
When she's with her beau to beware.
There is no resisting his charm,
He can do you more good than harm,
You are bound to stray when he comes your way
bringing you a new love affair.

Ali Baba, Ali Baba
He takes the heart,
He breaks the heart of each maid he chances to meet,
Ali Baba, Ali Baba
He steaks the kiss of each lovely miss
and his name is known on each street,
Ali Baba, Ali Baba
He rides to town when the sun goes down,
Lonesome ladies haven't a chance,
Ali Baba, Ali Baba
He lives for love and the moon above,
He's the king of love and romance.
Alee!, Alee!