Ernest R. Ball
Caro Roma
M. Witmark & Sons
Temple bells ring in the desert(?) or city, part of the "oriental" vocabulary that has little to do with actual circumstances in the Middle East.

Bright as the stars of the midnight skies,
Deep as the heart of the lotus, your eyes,
Warm as the sands of the desert your sighs,
When on my heart your dear head lies.
Softly the sunlight dies in the west,
The bells of the temple ring
a benediction blest.
List to the night bird that calls to its mate in the nest;
So my weary heart calleth its mate, its mate to rest.
Oh, Allah! Darken my midnight sky,
E'en let the lotus all withered lie,
On desert sands to faint and die,
If your dear head upon my breast
Shall not at last find love and rest.
Oh Allah, Allah! Heed not swift time,
Allah, give me mine!