James T. Duffy
James T. Duffy
F. B. Haviland Pub. Co.
Cover Artist
E. H. Pfeiffer
A Dance Craze that mentions the Slippery Elm and Banana Peel (Cf. Gaby Slide).

One of the "darkey" Middle Eastern songs (Cf. "Dusky Salome," etc.)

Out in Arabia they have a dance where the dancers wear no shoes,
It's one of those "bare-footed dancing" affairs,
And it's called the "Arabian Ooze,"
They sort of slide and squi[r]m around, Their clothes are mighty thin;
You'll find no silks and satins there, but plenty of bare skin
The Arabs do that lovin' dance till their [sic] all out of breath
To see them wiggling about you'd think they'd shake themselves to death;
I've seen them dance in Cairo, also in "Gay Paree,"
But that's about the hottest dance that ever I did see.

Now first a Partner you choose
and then you take off your shoes,
And then you start to do that everlovin' 'Rabian Ooze!
Squirm like an eel,
How does it feel?
Keep on dancing, it's a whopper!
Cuddle up and come to Papa!
Make the slide real "a la Banana peel"
Lay your head on my bosom and snooze,
When they play that sweet dimish,
Lordy, I can see ma [sic] finish,
Do that Arabian Ooze.

If you are so disposed and want to learn to do that everloving dance,
Just cuddle right up to me, do as I say,
And I'll try to put you in a trance.
Slide to the right and then to the left, Just twist yourself for fair,
Keep cool, don't rush or hurry kid, just take your time, it's there.
Now start the slipp'ry elm slide, you've got no time to moan,
You grasp me by the forearm and I'll grab your funny bone,
Now all aboard, be careful as careful can be,
You put the darkey movement in and leave the rest to me.