Charles Gilbert Spross
Elizabeth Evelyn Moore
The John Church Company
In the last song, the temple bells are ringing, summoning the beloved to prayer, that common mistake about Muslim places of worship in so many of these songs. The 1923 edition is for high voice, the 1930 edition for low voice.

Desert Love Song

Ah! my beloved, all the world is love!
Look thou upon the midnight sky,
And see how little lonely stars,
Weary of shining, die.
And all the brightest stars we view
Are smiling on us, two by two,
And turn you to yon garden fair,
Where grow such perfect flowers
As will perfume the summer air
Through days of golden hours.
Two roses on a single stalk,
Two lilies by the garden walk,
With none to love, the flowers would die,
The stars would fade in yonder sky,
And you and I--ah! you and I--
We learn of flowers and stars above
That all of Allah's world is love.

When Tired Caravans Are Resting

When tired caravans are resting,
And the world is sleeping,
Under silent desert stars,
Midnight watch I'm keeping!
Where you dream, a breeze is drifting
To your tent-door, love to take--
Bending o'er you in the stillness,
Will you hear it sigh--and wake?

When eastern skies are touched with flame,
And the world is waking,
With the tinkling caravans
You your way are taking,
Could you see my dark eyes glowing,
If you heard my low-voiced plea,
You would turn you from the desert,
You would heed--and come to me.

Song Cycle - 2
I Have Hung My Tent In Crimson

I have hung my tent in crimson
And the Moghra tree shall share
Of its heavy-scented flowers,
There are blossoms in my hair!
I have chosen gems of azure,
Silver anklets will I wear,
I have touched my lips with scarlet
For tonight I must be fair!

Bring me cloth of gold and purple,
Veils and fabrics from afar;
Twine my hair with bands of silver,
(Silver like the morning star).
For tonight I would be fairer
Than all other maidens are--
He is coming, my beloved!
He is coming from afar!


Dark is the desert night--no single star,
No low-burning moon beyond the almond tree,
Silent the sands!
But ah! from far you come across the dark to me.

Love, I had hoped we'd meet at golden twilight
In some oasis where the flowers bloom,
Where on a long-gone night we dreamed the hours,
Again we'd vow beneath the list'ning moon;

But desert suns have faded all the lilies,
The tired roses droop since you were here,
The stars have crept away, nor heed our longing,
There is no moon above our vows to hear.

Yet all the desert turns to radiant beauty,
Now you are come, and life is ecstacy.
Though dark the night, your arms will hold and shield me,
And life is mine!--Now you have come to me.

Song Cycle - 3
It Is The Sunset Hour

Allah! It is the sunset hour!
Far floats upon the air
The bells from temple tower,
That summons me to prayer;
See, here I bow to Thee!
But drifting desert airs,
Spice-laden, beckon me,
Bid me forget my prayers.

Allah! Upon my love
Thy blessings pour,
I love Thee, Lord of Lords!
--I love him more!
Ah! Not unto me, but to my heart's beloved,
Thy blessings I implore.
Ah! Ah!