Fisher Thompson
Val Howland
A. J. Stasny Music Co.

Far away across the burning sands,
A mighty desert Chieftain rules the land,
And calling unto Allah thru the night,
He seeks the gateway to his love's delight;
Softly comes in answer to his prayer,
A smiling maiden from her desert lair,
And there beneath the glowing stars above,
She croons to him Arabianna's love.

Allah sends this lovely maiden,
Sends Arabianna fair,
With love her head is laden,
Answering thy prayer,
Soft caressing lips invite thee,
Calling Allah from above,
To make thee always happy,
With Arabianna's love.

Mighty Chiefs of mortal clay are made,
And love makes lowly maidens unafraid,
So ere the morning dawns dispels the night,
The Chieftain finds in her his love's delight;
Desert marriage vows are quickly said,
Arabianna to the Chief is wed,
And in the dawn a cooing turtledove,
Croons once again Arabianna's love.