William B. Freidlander
T. B. Harms & Francis, Day & Hunter
For non-New Yorkers, the Automat was a cafeteria with the individual dishes of food in glass-fronted compartments that could be accessed by inserting the required number of nickles in the slot and turning the knob.

Far away, beside a sea,
Famous for its history,
There lies the wonderful city of Bagdad,
Bagdad where I long to be;
Temples wrought of beaten gold,
Odalisques fair to behold,
Handsome Caliphs, living there,
Romance in the very air,
Bagdad, Wonderful Bagdad,
Do you wonder that I long to go

Back to Bagdad on the Subway
where they boast a great white way,
Back to Bagdad on the Subway
where they turn the night into day,
Where the lights and the streets are brightest,
Where the hearts and the vows are lightest,
Where the shopgirl is seen in her limousine,
And where the aristocrat dines at the Automat,
Dear old Bagdad on the Subway has a million thrills a day,
Dear old Bagdad on the Subway will drive all your blues away,
Now I don't mean the Bagdad in Turkey,
It's a place of far greater renown,
But the Bagdad on the Subway is good old New York Town!