Mr. F. Yaniewicz
Mr. C. Harford
G. E. Blake, Philadelphia
This copy is in the Keffer Collection, University of Pennsylvania. Another copy in the Library of Congress is missing the top of page one with the title information and is catalogued as the "Birth Day of Freedom." The LC copy has a portion of the title intact, viz. "EEDOM," "so the same song seems to have been published under two distinct titles." (email from Robin Rausch, LC, 8/5/2004).

Let the Sons of Columbia with triumph proclaim,
That the day ever sacred shall be,
When out Forefathers rous'd to break tyranny's chain,
And declar'd they were born to be free,
Shall the land that gave birth to a WASHINGTON fear,
Tho' Millions in arms should oppose,
No! those rights we'll defend by their Conquest made dear,
And distruction [sic] send back on its Foes.

As on Derne's wild plain, where the fierce Savage host,
Fled before us with terror dismay'd;
Whilst with Wars [sic] dreadful thunder we ravag'd their Coast,
And full tribute in Victory paid:
See Liberty's Banner by EATON unfurl'd
On their walls, where our Hero Commands,
From whose high rampart Towers, just vengeance he hurl'd
And his Countrymens [sic] freedom demands.

As the proud swelling wave o'er its bosom shall bear,
To our Shores the poor Exile distress'd,
See the arms of our Country a welcome prepare,
And each sorrow despel [sic] from his breast;
Let those blessings to gain which, with Valour we fought,
To the Sons of oppression extend,
Who on seeking our Shores, will by precept be taught,
Equal rights to respect and defend.