James B. Cash, Jr.
Cpl. Bob Stuart McKnight
Stars and Stripes
One of many songs composed by and for soldiers in the North African campaign of World War II. Cf. "[Dirtie] Gertie from Bizerte" and "Stella the Belle of Fedela."

I'm Brooklyn's gift to the Army,
The cream of Flatbush Row;
The gals, they all adore me,
No matter where I go.

Oh, Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn,
A Brooklyn bum am I;
I'll sing in praise of Brooklyn
Until the day I die!

["There are numerous other verses, but they are a little too G.I. to be sent through the mails. In this case G.I. means "Gorgeously Indecent." Cpl. McKnight]
Here are the published verses relating to the Middle East:

I met a gal in Tunis,
She had a Persian cat,
So I said, "Pussy! Pussy!"
And then she smelled a rat.

I met a gal in Egypt,
She had a lovely smile;
And, oh, the things that happened
While floating down the Nile!

I met a gal in Turkey,
Her father was a sheik,
He owned a Turkish harem,
I stayed there for a week.