Chas. L. Johnson
Jack Yellen
Forster Music Pub. Co.

Out where the pyramids stand
On the glittering sand
Of an ancient land,
There I go astraying it seems
Ev'ry night in my dreams
And it only means

I'll have to linger awhile
By the silvery Nile
All alone in a bower
My sweet lotus flower
Sighs to the stars in the skies
While she's dreaming of me
Wond'ring where I can be
Why did I stray
So many mile away
From her enchanting eyes
That made a paradise of desert Egypt,
She built a heaven for me
Just with one little smile
By the silvery Nile.

She won my heart with a glance
As in fairy romance
For we met by chance
I never dreamed that some day
I'd be feeling this way,
I can only say