Albert Gumble & Leon Flatow
Sydney D. Mitchell
Gilda Gray
Jerome Remick & Co.
As sung and danced by Gilda Gray in the Paramount Picture "Cabaret." "Cabarabia" appears to be a dance based on the shimmy mixed with elements of belly dancing.

Shimmy dancin' is thru', Hula dancin' is too
One of great renown came from Charleston town
"Black Bottom" traveled all aroun'
Now they're old as old can be, But that don't matter to me
Because I do a dance that's new, Pay attention and you'll see

Watch me do Cabarabia
I'll teach you Cabarabia
Ev'rybody else is learning so you must
You just shake you hip
Start wiggleing
Let her rip
get 'em giggleing
Then you bend way down and shuffle (all aroun')
Pick a spot then get hot
Shake and shiver all you got
Strut your stuff not to rough
Not too easy but just enough
Let 'er go Cabarabia
Now you know Cabarabia
Shout Hello to Cabarabia now.

Cabarabia's new, It's the dance they do
In the city squares, At the country fairs
It's got 'em took 'em unawares
All the orchestra men Begin to play it at ten
Before they're thru' it's half past two
Then they play it again