L. Devereaux
P. E. Lacy
Geib & Walker, New York

Morning beams are twinkling, Listen, Abra dear;
O'er the mountains tinkling, Camel bells I hear;
With the sprightly jingle, Mirth and social glee;
Cheerily doth mingle, Weary though they be.

Tingle, tingle, tingle, wearily they go,
Tingle, tingle, tingle, fainter now and slow.
Tingle, tingle, tingle, weaily they go,
Tingle, tingle, tingle, tingle, fainter now and slow.

While the music clinking, Of the camel's bell;
Is my Sadi thinking, of his native dell?
Will he soon be greeting; Her in lovely vale;
Whose fond heart is beating, His return to hail.

Tingle, tingle, &c.

Now the pitcher bearing, From the fountain bright;
Now the cheer preparing, With a footstep light;
Listen, Abra, listen! Dost thou hear them still?
Do their trappings glisten, On the distant hill?

Tingle, tingle, tingle, Weary travel past;
Smiles of welcome greeting, Safe return at last.
Tingle, tingle, tingle, weary they did roam,
Tingle, tingle, tingle, tingle, Sweet their welcome home.