A. Baldwin Sloane
George V. Hobart
Jos. W. Stern & Co.
The conflation of "gypsy" and "Egypt" (cf. "caravan") appears in other songs.

Where the hot sun is shining on the desert Land,
goes Bedouin chief to woo;
Thro' the burning sand to Egypt's strand,
where the maid he loves is true.
She lives in the shadow of the pyramids,
By the dark mysterious Nile;
And the desert rings with the song he sings,
His Gypsy to beguile.

Come, my love to Araby, Araby the Blest!
Where the desert sand on ev'ry hand,
Will bring us peace and rest;
Come my love to Araby,
And beneath the banyan's shade,
All day long we'll sing love's song,
My sweet Egyptian maid.

She rode thro' the dangers to the desert Land,
with her Big Chief by her side;
And he swore he'd love her evermore,
his dark Egyptian bride;
But she cried for the shadow of the pyramids
And the dark mysterious Nile;
And the desert rang while the Bedouin sang,
His Gypsy to beguile.