Who Do You Love?
Mary M. Taylor and E. J. Miller
Jack Hoins and E. J. Gardner
Paul Whiteman and the "S.S. Leviathan" Orchestra
Emerson Publishing Co., New York
A good example of the geographical extension of the "Middle East" to Hindustan. The cover art shows a young man extending his arm to a harem girl who sits watching a camel caavan crossing a desert with palm trees and a tent. But the lyric makes clear that she is a Hindu, not Muslim.

Language usage has changed over the years: witness the arrival of "lovers gay... sing their lay."

Featured by Paul Whiteman and his "S. S. Leviathan" Orchestra.

The music accompaniment emphasizes a tom-tom beat.

In Hindustan,
Weird temple land,
There princess Hoodoo dwells a wondrous Hindu maiden,
Come lovers gay
To sing their lay
Their love they offer, jewels proffer as they pray. Oh!

Hoodoo, my Hindu Hoodoo,
Please well me do you give me your love.
Hoodoo, whatever you do,
You're the idol I've been dreaming of.
Across the coral sands
And burning desert sands,
I'll be as constant as the stars above,
My Hoodoo, I'm pleading to you,
Please tell me, Hoodoo,
Who do you love.

So plaintively
Each lover's plea
Falls as she throws aside the wealth and love they bring her,
Hopelessly they
Go to their way
Caravans gleaming still come streaming day by day. Oh!